Satanists Can Win

Changing human nature with the help of technology can lead to the destruction of humanity. There is nothing to put against it

Advisor to Klaus Schwab, expert of the World Economic Forum, historian and futurist, and transhumanist philosopher Yuval Noah Harari once again predicted the emergence of "new types of people" − modified with the help of genetics and technology. In his opinion, this is almost inevitable since "progress cannot be stopped."

At the same time, being a champion and popularizer of essentially the most misanthropic ideas, he complains that all these innovations can destroy humanity.

It's hard to disagree with Harari here. However, the problem is not in science and the colossal revolutionary opportunities it provides.

In itself, changing a person is not "forbidden." Throughout the known history of humankind, a person has been constantly and consciously modernized with the help of various techniques, including as a biological species (through nutrition, certain cult practices and other influences).

The problem is that the transnational elites are ready (and have all the technical capabilities) to change the nature of man with malicious intent. And there is still no visible alternative to the "brave new world" – some humanistic, "non-conservative" vision that would combine progress, science, reproduction and development of all humanity.

Satanists Can Win
Yuval Noah Harari.

Yuval Noah Harari, a 46-year-old Israeli who positions himself as a medieval military historian, has completed his PhD at Oxford and received a professorship at the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. But this is a business card for official meetings.

To the reading public of the "golden billion", Harari is known for his bestseller "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" and a couple of its sequels - "Homo Deus. A Brief History of Tomorrow" and "21 Lessons for the 21st Century." Harari works closely with the Davos Forum (a "club" of billionaires that expresses the interests of transnational capital, European and American elites close to the US Democratic Party, Big Pharma and Big Data companies) and is an adviser to its founder Schwab.

Many observers consider Harari's books superficial and mediocre, but this does not bring down their "value" since he is the front man of transnational elites and promoter of their agenda. The work and active public activities of the advertised Harari allow to "throw into the masses" and "run in" this same agenda, get feedback and, most importantly, prepare a wide audience for the "inevitable."

According to Harari, the inevitable is total digitalization and total biometric surveillance, both in a democratic society and in a totalitarian one. During the covid crisis, consent for this was allegedly obtained from society.

The next step is "hacking people" with the ability to physically integrate biological sensors and electronic devices into a person, creating cyborgs and organisms with artificially set parameters.

We are on the verge of modernization by armies and corporations of the human body, brain, and consciousness, as a result of which "new types of man may appear", which will be much more disciplined, intelligent and "devoid of a sense of compassion, artistic perception, spirituality and spiritual depth". We are talking about the modernization of people and the creation of new types of cyborgs or inorganic people. Harari, however, stipulates that in these technologies lies "a danger to the existence of mankind". But from the lips of a transhumanist philosopher, such fears are just hypocrisy.

Satanists Can Win1

The gloomy future predicted by Harari can indeed come and is already coming. All the necessary scientific and social technologies for building a "brave new world" are already there. And we have already been shown what this world of total control and slavery will be like.

The new Nazism and racism, based not on such "little things" as different cultural anthropological backgrounds and skin color but on technically created and supported new types of a person with given characteristics, lack of sex, family, artificial rearing of children and reduction of the "surplus" population. The "New World" does not imply natural reproduction, the birth of children, happiness, or the conquest of new spiritual and material heights by all humanity.

The victory of "the world according to Harari", which will result in the death of humankind, is possible because there is no alternative to it. Leaders of world religions, and entire states, influential social movements in the United States and other countries of the world, do not support the total enslavement and death of civilization as such and oppose the new world order. They come out under the banner of "traditional values" and conservatism.

But "spoiled canned food" cannot serve as a beacon for humanity. Humanity cannot and will not go into the past. Retrograde ideas cannot lead to victory in the decisive battle with fanatics who rely on advanced science and technology, the development of which is impossible and senseless to stop.

The destructive "brave new world" of Schwab, Harari and others can only be overturned by the emergence of a new, bright, attractive alternative image of the future. It does not imply segregation and Nazism, hedonism, and the rejection of procreation, but reproduction and expansion of humanity and its capabilities, with the help of advanced technologies used for good, not for evil.

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