The Columnist is an international online project that collects and publishes objective opinions on global economics, politics, science, and culture. We are not affiliated with any commercial or political organisation, nor do we receive funding from large foundations. Support from our subscribers makes us genuinely independent and committed.

Over 50 journalists, experts, academics, and thought leaders produce regular articles as part of this project. We provide translations of English texts into Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The Columnist exists as a single whole and one team; thus, texts created by our editorial team are published under "The Columnist Staff Writers". Content produced by external contributors is signed by the authors.

Our mission is to develop mechanisms for sustainable development unaffected by short-term political trends. We focus on providing fair and impartial coverage of international events and preserving traditional cultural and Christian values. In addition, we will pay special attention to the formation of Greater Asia and the general shift from the Atlantic to the Arctic-Pacific civilisations.

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