Another Civil War in the US?

Americans are anticipating a civil war that would sweep Biden and Trump off America's political scene

According to the article that appeared in The Washington Post, an influential US daily, America is heading for a civil war. In a piece penned by Marc Fisher, one of the newspaper's senior editors, he quotes Democratic and Republican politicians, academics, and radical extremists who all seem to share the view that "a civil war is either imminent or necessary". Of all the possible culprits, Fisher lays the blame for fomenting the slide toward the chaos of civil war and internal schism in the US solely on "right-wing extremists, a thinly veiled reference to pro-Trump activists", while lamenting the "loss of trust, hope and sense of belonging in a … society" by the Americans.

The disquiet felt by the keenest American observers who can see or have clue that the US is sliding toward a civil war is understandable. And yet, one should recognise that neither the extremism of the radicals on both ends of the spectrum, nor the alarming number of firearms owned by the American citizens, nor racial or socioeconomic conflicts is the actual root causes of these anticipated upheavals. The real reason for the impending civil war is the  irreconcilable differences between two American views on the future of the United States and mankind in general that reflect the positions of their champions, as the Democrats and the Republicans would like to portray themselves.

The subject of an impending new civil war in the US, once viewed as something wholly marginal and improbable, has morphed into a mainstream topic for the US and international media. In August, the topic was extensively covered by quite a number of reputable US media such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Cristian Science Monitor, Business Insider, The Herald Bulletin, Washington Times and many others.

However, it should be no surprise that this topic is no longer considered as marginal as it was once. According to polls, it is not only politicians and pundits who anticipate the civil war and even prepare for one run-of-the-mill Americans seem to share the sentiment. A recent UC Davis study (nearly matching similar surveys conducted by YouGov and The Economist) found that over 50% of Americans believe there will be a civil war in the United States in the next several years. A poll by the University of Chicago shows that every fourth American would be ready to take up arms to achieve political goals. At the same time, two out of three Americans feel that "US democracy is under serious threat". Another large national survey finds that more than 40% of the respondents agreed that a strong leader would be more crucial for America than a democracy. In anticipation of violent clashes, Americans are actively stocking up on  firearms.

According to some observers, the current administration's recent attacks on former US President Donald Trump to prevent him from running in the 2024 presidential campaign were rehearsals for a potential hot phase of the conflict. Early August saw Trump's Florida compound searched as part of the US Department of Justice investigation  The ex-head of state and a likely presidential hopeful is suspected of being in breach of the Espionage Act. The former president is believed to have kept classified documents at his residence, a crime punishable by incarceration for up to five years.

These cavalier attempts to steamroll Trump have whipped up his supporters into a state of absolute frenzy. "This is the worst I've seen it since January 6, 2021 (the attack on the Capitol building). These are people emboldened who are ready for the Civil War. They're talking about buying more ammo and buying more guns. And they're talking about how the time of organising has passed and that they have to start going into action. "Lock and load", says the top comment related to the Mar-a-Lago search on, a pro-Trump comment forum. They are overtly calling for the assassinations of their political enemies. They, as they always say in their space, crossed the Rubicon. They've said that Donald Trump is a reference to Julius Caesar to basically take over the country by force", Ben Collins, a journalist and an expert in mass misinformation and extremism, reported live on MSNBC. His reporting, both in style and tone, was more akin to reporting from a war zone than a running commentary, as it is far more common for war reporters to actually align themselves with one of the sides and contribute to fanning the conflict. While the search of Trump's home has failed to provoke a civil war, many could distinctly feel the breath of the impending war "on their backs", compelled to rally around their leaders and champions, the Democrats and the Republicans.

The assault on the US Capitol by Donald Trump supporters on January 6, 2021. Trump believes that the results of the 2020 election were falsified and that the attack on the Capitol was one of a series of protests against the rigged election.Photo: CNN

Civil war becomes imminent not because of the severity of the differences in society or the extent of the public's outrage. This happens when these fundamental contradictions that rip society and the elites apart become absolutely intractable. And this is something that has happened already.

Those who can be loosely defined as the Democrats have put their faith in America's ability to assert total control over the whole world by maintaining biological, financial, and medical control over mankind. In their quest for power, they rely on Big Data and Big Pharma companies, military bio laboratories, the CIA, FBI, and loyal units of the National Guards for their law enforcement and military needs.

By contrast, the Republicans are banking on their civilisational, military, industrial and economic leadership across the world, relying on the US Armed Forces and the world's most powerful defence industry with its tremendous financial capabilities.

These fundamental differences are also manifested in the insurmountable contradictions within American society as a whole. These include the issue of the right to have an abortion, the right to bear arms, social guarantees and benefits provided by individual states, racial and class-related tensions.

That said, once the civil war breaks out, the political heavyweights, Trump and Biden, will stand no chance of staying at the helm. Biden is a seasoned and cautious politician who has shown his readiness to compromise. Trump is an entrepreneur who rose to power from a very criminalised line of business where those who are unable to establish rapport with just about anyone and come to an agreement do not survive for long. This is exactly why they will stand no chance of staying in power if there is war. They are bound to be replaced by new talented and radical leaders capable of going all the way, as far as having their opponents physically eliminated.


Red-coloured states are predominantly Republican, and blue-coloured states are Democrat-leaning. Map based on Senate elections as of 2021.

For decades, electoral maps have indicated that the split between Democratic and Republican states remains very stable. But America's civil war will not be about gaining more ground. Those who espouse irreconcilable attitudes and ideas can be found in every state, which means that the war will tear apart and destroy the states from within until the inevitable victory of the Republicans.

A Republican victory is inevitable because the Republicans, by default, have access to greater financial resources (thanks to the money made by the defence industry off of all the wars fought around the world) and a better-quality human capital (as their support base is dominated by hardworking people and individuals with military background rather than minorities of various sorts).

In any event, the new America will emerge from this most violent war as a completely changed country. The "Atlantic" United States of America's once-dominant North East will be replaced by the United Central, Northwestern and Southern States. Welcome into the world of a new and much more aggressive America!

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