US Elections

The game over; time to be something new?

The midterm elections, one of the most anticipated in US history, have taken place. Georgia still has a one-seat by-election to the Senate in December, but it will not really change anything. So, the Republicans predictably regained control of the lower house of Congress, the House of Representatives, but failed to gain control of the Senate.

Thus, the results for the Republicans were much more disappointing than expected. So disappointing that Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley tweeted, "The old party is dead. Time to bury it. Build something new".

The economic results of the first two years of Joe Biden's rule were catastrophic, but this was not enough for right-wing revenge. According to rumours, Donald Trump is so disappointed with the results that he even lost his temper. You can understand it.

Economic conditions usually have a profound impact on American elections. Moreover, the fact that even under these circumstances, with inflation of 7-9%, the Republicans won mixed results suggests that sympathy for the right has very limited growth potential. Americans are ready to stick caricatures of Biden at gas stations, but they are not ready to give the Republicans a lot of power.

There was no restart of the Republican Party, as Donald Trump and his supporters had expected.

Long term trend

This results in the Democrats maintaining a structural advantage over the Republicans over the long term. Trends in demographics and culture continue to increase the number of democratic voters.

A number of weak points in the media sphere that emerged during the last presidential election have been corrected. A very obvious example of this is Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, which shows his sympathy for Republicans. It is relevant to note that this did not have a major impact on the election results. Furthermore, the republican media's reaction to the results shows that they are aware of their own weaknesses.

The United States has had two Republican presidents in the 21st century, George W. Bush and Donald Trump. As a result, America shudders at the memory of both of them. Consequently, the Democrats are not a bowl of cherries. The Democrats are obsessed with promoting tolerance and other things, but when the Republicans are in power, the real fun begins.

As a result, all the oddities of the Democrats begin to seem like nothing more than childish antics in contrast to this fun.

US elections
Photo: US Senate results. AP.

Resurrected from the dead

Basically, the Republican Party has been dead for a long time. After Barack Obama won the election in 2008, no Republicans were to enter the White House for the foreseeable future. Democrat came to power "forever", and they did not try to hide the fact. The main intrigue surrounding the 2016 presidential election has long been the question of how to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president. This disturbed the Democrats much more than any events in the Republican camp.

After it became apparent that Trump was racing toward victory at full speed, using the latest methods of promotion in social networks. This bypassed the classical media controlled by the deep state and the Democrats, but it was already too late.

Hillary Clinton was forced to fight against Trump by the Democrats. However, she was unable to do anything about it. Too many resources were thrown at her, especially in the eyes of grassroots Democratic activists, and she lost.

Trump won the wave of anti-elite sentiment that swept the West after the 2008 financial crisis. All these Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London protests in 2016 turned into an unexpected, unpredictable, incredible revenge of the Republicans (and a little earlier in the same year, the decision on Brexit).

But this did not solve the structural problems of the Republicans. The Grand Old Party has remained a party of the elderly and predominantly white, retrograde.

Trump's presidency has only exacerbated Republican Party problems. Due to his dashing style during his term in office, the billionaire politician lost many swing voters.

Trump attempted to use the midterm elections of 2022 as a revenge election on the strength of his former popularity and authority in his party but failed.

Two evils

Victory is celebrated by the Democrats. However, they are unlikely to be completely satisfied with the outcome. Having lost the lower house of Congress, the Biden administration faces significant difficulties in implementing its policies. Particularly in the economic sphere. In times of such global instability, this can have serious consequences.

It is also a challenging time for the Democratic Party. Obama's stunning victory proved to be short-lived. The party lacks ideas and personnel, and this deficit significantly affects the economy.

It all boils down to Americans choosing the lesser of two evils. The further you go, the more difficult this choice will be.

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