The fall of the Jewish state

How the U.S. is orchestrating the fall of Israel

A month and a half has passed since the new war in the Middle East began. The Israeli military is crushing Hamas in the Gaza Strip with no regard for human losses. The U.S. provides the Israelis with large-scale military and political support and receives its share of international criticism and negativity. However, if we analyze the situation in its entirety, without emotions and propaganda, it is clear that it is Washington that is calmly, consistently, and purposefully leading the Israeli project to a quick and tragic end.

On the morning of October 7, on the holiday "Joy of Torah", Israel was attacked from the Gaza Strip in an act of unprecedented brutality and professionalism of execution. Militants trained by British military specialists (it is clear from the video of the attack—a special manner of movement and communication, and other details) slaughtered all Israeli military bases and facilities located around the Gaza Strip, in the surrounding cities and towns were killed representatives of the middle level of the Israeli command. In parallel, 1,200 civilians were slaughtered with inhuman brutality, including many hundreds of abused women, children, and the elderly. Two and a half hundred were taken captive.

Photo: Reuters / Amir Cohen.

For the first day and a half after the attack began, military and political governance in Israel were completely paralyzed. The militants and the civilians who followed them were quietly running around the Gaza Strip and making raids 20–25 kilometers deep. The Jewish state was on the verge of collapse. However, America promptly came to its rescue. The U.S. unconditionally supported Israel, provided the country with a military umbrella, and "let it pull itself together", to recover from the shock. At the same time, this was done by the Democratic administration of Joseph Biden-Anthony Blinken, which hates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his entourage, as well as the increasingly religious and traditionalist Israel. After coming to power and until the new war, Biden never honored his "major Middle East ally" Netanyahu with an audience; contacts were kept to the bare minimum needed.

The Americans helped the disabled Israeli state by preventing its immediate collapse. However, everything must be paid for, and Jerusalem paid for it with the loss of sovereignty. This became obvious from the first days of the military operation against Hamas and in many ways at once. The statements of American officials on fairly minor "practical" issues may have contradicted those of members of the Israeli government, but they were always more accurate. In the public statements of U.S. top officials and in parliamentary bills, Israel was placed on the same level as failed state Ukraine. And in the photos of Blinken and Netanyahu's meetings, the Secretary of State sat sprawled on a sofa, while the Israeli prime minister was stretched out in front of him, so it was immediately clear who was in charge.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a closed meeting. Photo: Reuters.

The Hamas massacre trapped nearly collapsed Israel. The Israelis could not fail to respond. And a full-fledged military operation to destroy the Hamas group and its infrastructure in overpopulated Gaza could only be like this: large-scale air strikes with mass civilian deaths, a ground operation, and the destruction of the terrorist enclave. This is how any army would have acted under these circumstances. However, what is allowed to Jupiter (for example, the destruction of Mosul and Raqqa) is not allowed to the bull. The U.S. quietly agreed to Israel's bombing of Gaza, accompanied by the deaths of thousands of people, thus putting on the "lash" of "war crimes" or even genocide, of which Israel and the current leadership of the country will inevitably be accused: U.S. appeals to comply with the "rules of war", the statements of UN officials, and the appeal of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the International Criminal Court in The Hague hint at this pretty transparently. The campaign for the international delegitimization of Israel and the Jews has already been launched. Jews will never be forgiven for what they did in Gaza, and the Holocaust, which has been a basic theme for world Jewry since World War II, has already been de facto disavowed. The world's major media outlets are also carefully and competently playing on the side of the Palestinians.

The inevitable total defeat of Hamas and Gaza terrorists will not turn out to be a national victory for Israelis. After cooling down from their active fighting, they will discover a turbulent situation on the northern border that prevents people from returning home, a sharp deterioration of relations with Arabs inside Israel and in Judea and Samaria, increased terrorist activity, a publicly destroyed prime minister and a new, even weaker, fully U.S.-controlled government, and a deteriorating economy. Already, many industries based on Arab and foreign labor, like construction, agriculture, and the restaurant business, are almost entirely shut down. The economy is suffering huge losses due to mass mobilization. Education in the country's universities has been halted until at least the end of December, and the country's critical export-import trade through Israeli ports has become more difficult and expensive due to the rise in the cost of insurance. Israel is borrowing heavily in the debt markets at inflated rates. According to the Financial Times, in the past two weeks alone, Israel has raised more than $6 billion from international investors to finance the war on Hamas. At the end of the year, according to the most gloomy forecasts, the national economy could fall by up to 15%. Economic depression and continued external pressure will force hundreds of thousands of Israelis to leave the country.

In parallel, the US has already announced a new blow to the country. "The Palestinian people deserve their own state," said US President Joseph Biden. At the same time, after the October 7 massacre, for the first time in decades, there was a strong public consensus that there should be no Palestinian state. But those who have lost sovereignty and are totally dependent on the US are not asked, so this US decision will be implemented by the new Israeli government after Netanyahu. Its implementation will be accompanied by the eviction of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Judea and Samaria, which will hit the healthiest part of Israeli society: religious working families with many children. The stubborn will be coerced by threats of international sanctions (the White House is now preparing sanctions for the settlers) and military-terrorist pressure from Lebanese Hezbollah and local terrorist cells. The creation of a Palestinian state within the approximate 1967 borders (with the question of fair borders raised, according to the UN mandate of 1947), would be a de facto elimination of even the very prospects of Israeli autonomy. A significant portion of the people, the religious fanatics, may, of course, disagree with this. And then the history of modern Israel and the Jewish people may, in some ways, repeat the path that was traveled during the Roman Empire. From a strong kingdom allied to Rome with great independence to a divided and subordinate life under procurators that ended in Jewish revolts and exile.

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