Europe should see through US "game of thrones" in Ukraine crisis

In the minds of the US and some European countries, China has transformed into a "controller" that can manipulate the Russia-Ukraine conflict due to its relations with Russia.

Some European countries have fallen into the trap of the US' discourse, blindly following the narrative that China is "responsible" for the Ukraine crisis. But this will only lead Europe to become deeply mired in the conflict and plunge into an even greater crisis.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed that China is helping fuel "the biggest security threat... since the end of the Cold War" for Europe and is helping Russia "sustain the war" in Ukraine. Blinken's remarks have recently found some resonance within Europe. According to Bloomberg, some European officials said "Chinese and Russian companies are developing an attack drone similar to an Iranian model deployed in Ukraine," which suggest that this is "a sign that Beijing may be edging closer to providing the sort of lethal aid that western officials have warned against." Alexander Stubb, the President of Finland, even stated in an interview on Tuesday that one phone call from China "would solve this crisis."

Such hypes about China's "responsibility" in the Ukrainian crisis is just a trick by the US to continue exacerbating the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, some European countries not only have no defenses against US' intentions but instead follow suit by sensationalizing the rhetoric. It is sad to see that they are being led by the nose by the US and fail to recognize the real mastermind behind dragging Europe into a man-made disaster.

Europe seems to have forgotten that the crisis in Ukraine has already left Europe in a state of chaos. A large amount of capital has left Europe, and the increasingly high economic costs have become unbearable. The funds and weapons they provided to Ukraine under the pressure of the US have only made the situation worse. Europe is powerless internally and externally in face of crises.

With the vulnerability of its own security mechanisms, Europe is shrouded in great instability. "Europe is now in a difficult position because of the US," Gao Jian, director of the Center for British Studies at Shanghai International Studies University, told the Global Times.

However, the US, while watching the tragic situation in Europe, only exerts pressure and incites panic. The deterioration of security conditions is prompting European countries to increase military spending, which only allows the US to reap even more benefits.

The US is also dedicated to damaging China's interests and international image by badmouthing China-Russia relations. "In the eyes of the US, tying China to Russia is a good choice to harm and reduce China's global influence. There is also a hidden agenda to directly undermine China-EU relations," Gao added. 

The US is creating obstacles to the development of bilateral relations between China and Europe, deliberately portraying China as a so-called opponent of Western ideology. It attempts to create a negative atmosphere in the West, especially among its own allies, by hyping up the theory that China is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine, said Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University. This is a typical and extremely inferior scheme that sacrifices the interests of other countries to satisfy US' extreme selfishness.

The root cause of the Russia-Ukraine conflict lies in the US. Washington does not want the conflict to stop because turmoil can give the country the opportunity to sustain its hegemony. The US treats the Ukraine crisis as a "game of thrones" and then shifts the blame to China. 

The truth is that China has reiterated on many occasions that it is not China that started the Ukraine crisis, nor is it a party to or a participant in it. China has always played an active role in trying to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The only way to ease the tension is through communication and dialogue. Holding summits to win over the camp will only fuel the fire of the conflict. Following the US in labeling China as "the biggest security threat" will not save Europe from the crisis. Europe has already fallen into the trap set by the US, and if they do not see the puppeteers behind them, they will only sink deeper. Europe's predicament needs to be solved by itself.

Photo © Liu Rui / GT.

Source: The Global Times.

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