Kissinger Cancels Davos

War in Ukraine and Elite Replacement in UN Made Davos Meaningless

51st World Economic Forum (WEF) was held in Davos, Switzerland, in late May. Heads of states and heads of governments, ministers and leaders of global business convened at the Swiss resort to discuss "relevant global agenda" such as climate change, international transport routes, challenges faced by world logistics during the Covid-19 pandemic, modern equity capitalism, trade, investment, and drone use.

However, the real agenda discussed at the summit differed, with the war in Ukraine featuring prominently. There was no outcome to talk about, though, and there couldn't be any. The forum has lost its original function of transmitting the course now taken by the American political class to European and global elites, so they could jointly shape relevant agenda. A new political class is taking over in the US; it is about the interests of the American people, armed forces, and the military-industrial complex, and the Davos venue is to it alien and unneeded. American political veteran Henry Kissinger, the old diplomat with connections in the military-industrial complex, tried to convey that message, but elites at Davos missed out on it. Well, they have got themselves to blame.

The World Economic Forum (before 1987, it was known as European Management Forum) was initially meant as a venue for coordinating the interests of American and European elites where they could work on creating a "globalist" worldview and then transmit it globally. The '90s and 2000s were a significant time for the event. It was more than a mere annual meeting of political and commercial supremos. Each time, commissioned by major corporations, leading national and international research centres would prepare up to twenty reports – high-quality works that could shape the vision of the future and the future itself.

Between the '90s and 2010s, America was taken over by a triumvirate of elites related to finance, big data, and big pharma. It was headed by the current elite that could be named, for convenience, "Joseph Biden group" by its current figurehead. Main projects run by Joseph Biden's currently ruling American elites include universal digitalisation, total control, re-formatting the world using biolabs and Covid-19, social minimum, and all-out promotion of "green energy". When stakes are put on "green energy", the economy must be "narrowed down".

Solar, wind, and tidal energy are unstable. The only way to make these sectors grow is to artificially redistribute resources in their favour, taking them away from the traditional, cheap, clean, and efficient nuclear and hydro energy. Such re-distribution leads to the “narrowing down” of economies and implies that instead of running "economically", they need resources to be redistributed at every level to run.

An artificially reduced material base; hundreds of millions of "unneeded people"; total control over societies and individuals, and not for the sake of the "golden billion", but for far less numerous real elites. Founder of Davos forum Klaus Schwab wrote precisely about this "new world" rather remindful of a Nazi dystopia. Israeli historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari, much lionised at Davos, is promoting the same ideas.

But the "Davos programme", now implemented by the Biden group on a global scale, is malfunctioning, which is most clearly seen in Ukraine, where war is just beginning to unfold globally. This war was based on infantry, artillery, air forces, and missiles, i.e. on people and the military-industrial complex. With such a backdrop, digitalisation, green energy, Covid-19, and total control look inefficient and redundant and fade away.

Experts talk about a major and fierce global war of cultural and civilisational significance. That means a focus on the people, a military-industrial complex, and enormous economic complexes, which in every nation of the advanced, Western world are to some extent deteriorating.

Thus, the war in Ukraine as a precursor of a larger war is triggering an elite replacement, primarily in the US – the largest among global economic complexes. New elites that rely on the American people, a revitalised military-industrial complex, and armed forces will need time to take over and "brace up" for the difficult times.

99-year-old political heavyweight and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was expressing exactly those new elites' will when he called the separation of Ukraine inevitable and desirable (by the way, this idea is already entering the mainstream public agenda in the US).

However, rather than heed the old man, global elites at Davos hissed at him and showered him with critique, which was entirely inappropriate given his position and status. They shouldn't have! Now, instead of a centenarian, the role of new American elites will be explained to Europeans at Davos by Russian infantry and missile troops. And it is unlikely that American armed forces and military-industrial complex elites will stand up bravely for those who launched Covid-19 and vaccination and prepared a global "digital concentration camp".

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