Kicked Out in Disgrace

Unsuitability as the reason for the appointment and emergency resignation of British prime minister Liz Truss

British prime minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday, September 20, due to the resounding social and economic policy failure and under pressure from Conservative Party colleagues. It was a whole era in the history of the United Kingdom, although it lasted a record low 44 days. During this time, Truss managed to violate all the main points of her election programme and plunge the UK into a severe economic disaster.

During the premier rally and when Truss was appointed to the post, many observers (including the authors of the "Columnist" noted that the promotion of such an openly incompetent politician to a key post in the country might be due to the aspirations of the Americans and their allies in the British elite "to speed up" Boris Johnson's case of discrediting the political system and economy of Great Britain to deprive London of the remnants of its independence.

However, the result exceeded all expectations so much that they decided to remove "the monkey with a gun" away from the steering wheel of the United Kingdom. Washington needs an entirely non-independent allied Anglo-Saxon Britain that has got rid of imperial phantom pains and not an impoverished aggressive African-type country with nuclear weapons capable of prematurely plunging the world into a nuclear war at an accelerated pace.

The fact that Truss was utterly incompetent, lazy and stupid was known to the general public long before she was appointed to lead the British ship. In February 2022, on the eve of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, as Truss was still Foreign Secretary, Truss made an emergency visit to Moscow. During the conversation, she informed her Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov that Great Britain would never recognize Russia's sovereignty over Rostov and Voronezh regions.

The regions mentioned above have been part of Russia (earlier the USSR, the Russian Empire) for centuries. The Russian Minister Lavrov, after such revelations, was left speechless. Russian media could not stop mocking her. The Foreign Office then said it was a mistake. Still, the fact remains. The head of the country's foreign policy, an heir to the British Empire, does not know either political geography or the history of the conflict on which she was travelling on a special mission. Moreover, Truss hadn't bothered to check Wikipedia before the trip.

Kicked out in disgrace
Truss and Lavrov.

Another clear call came during the election debates in August. Then the candidate for the post of the prime minister of Great Britain, Truss, announced that she was ready to use nuclear weapons. "I think this is an important duty of the prime minister, and I am ready to do it," she said at a meeting with members of the Conservative Party in Birmingham, broadcast live on YouTube.

The emphasis was clearly made on the words "I'm ready to do it", which she repeated twice. Those present at the meeting and the online audience were amazed not only by the actual statement of their future prime minister but also by how unemotional it was. She said it so that no one doubted that she was ready for this.

Scandalous statements received comprehensive coverage in the media, but this did not prevent the Conservatives from approving Truss as the head of the party and making her the prime minister. Either the British political establishment did not want to see a native of India or Pakistan as the PM, or the bet on the insane Truss was strongly lobbied in the elites by the ally partners, for whom the attempts of the UK to provoke conflicts and stick to their line in critical regions became so unacceptable that they decided "to put the British into their place" by promoting the insane Truss instead of the Clown Boris Johnson.

Kicked out in disgrace
The Insane instead of the Clown.

Immediately after being elected prime minister, by tradition, Liz Truss (one of the shortest premierships in British history) met with Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in the UK. A day later, "the great Liz" died, which, you see, already looks like a bad omen.

In the conditions of the most challenging economic and energy crisis for the British, Truss announced a tax reform, which the British people reasonably considered in the interests of the rich, and her rating instantly collapsed. Unintelligible tax policy led to a dramatic fall of the pound and a rise in inflation, and the British media was full of well-founded forecasts that Truss's policy would result in rapid mass poverty of the population and freezing in winter.

In parallel, Great Britain at Truss was actively involved in military adventures. Observers point out that the sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipelines might have taken place not without the participation of the military divers of the Royal Navy.

The incident, made public just before Truss's resignation, with a missile fired by a Russian jet at a British reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, makes us remember the Prime Minister's readiness to use nuclear weapons. One can do the equation and assess the risks of a nuclear war, which have become unbelievably high lately.

Kicked out in disgrace
During her visit to Estonia, Britain's Foreign Secretary had a fun time riding a tank along the Russian border. Photo: The Independent.

The new prime minister managed to quarrel with King Charles III, with whom she simultaneously came to power, preventing the latter from speaking at a meeting of heads of state in Egypt devoted to environmental topics so beloved by the monarch.

The other day, US President Joseph Biden spoke disapprovingly about the economic policy of the Truss cabinet, thus legitimizing the demolition of the office.

The US either does not like the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon bastion in Europe and its slipping into the darkness and chaos. America needs an unsinkable aircraft carrier near the borders of the EU and next to Russia, and a living link in the AUCUS block, on which Washington bets.

Maybe, we won't see a solid British PM right away, but the radical experiment with Liz Truss has been declared untenable.

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