Israel’s Crimes Far Worse Than Hamas’

Netanyahu says any comparison between Israel’s war crimes and those of Hamas is “absurd and false,”. He’s correct and here’s why.

There is one thing we should all be able to agree with Benjamin Netanyahu on: Any comparison between Israel’s war crimes and those of Hamas is, as the Israeli prime minister put it, “absurd and false” and a “distortion of reality.” 

[The Israeli leader’s remarks came in response to the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s request on Monday for arrest warrants for him as well as leaders of Hamas.] 

Here’s why:

* Israeli war crimes have been ongoing for more than seven decades, long predating Hamas’ creation.

* Israel has kept the Palestinians of Gaza caged into a concentration camp for the past 17 years, denying them connection to the outside world and the essentials of life. Hamas managed to besiege a small part of Israel for one day, on Oct. 7, 2023.

* For every Israeli killed by Hamas on Oct. 7, Israel has slaughtered at least 35 times that number of Palestinians. Similar kill-ratios grossly skewed in Israel’s favour have been true for decades.

* Israel has killed more than 15,000 Palestinian children since October — and many tens of thousands more Palestinian children are missing under rubble, maimed or orphaned. By early April, Israel had killed a further 114 children in the West Bank and injured 725 more. Hamas killed a total of 33 Israeli children on Oct. 7.

Gazans outside Indonesian Hospital in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, on October 9, 2023, following Israeli airstrikes. Photo: Palestinian News & Information Agency or Wafa for APAimages / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.

* Israel has laid waste to Gaza’s entire health sector. It has bombed its hospitals, and killed, beaten and kidnapped many hundreds of medical personnel. Hamas has not attacked one Israeli hospital.

* Israel has killed more than 100 journalists in Gaza and more than 250 aid workers. It has also kidnapped a further 40 journalists. Most are presumed to have been taken to a secret detention facility where torture is rife. Hamas is reported to have killed one Israeli journalist on Oct. 7, and no known aid workers.

* Israel is actively starving Gaza’s population by denying it food, water and aid. That is a power — a genocidal one — Hamas could only ever dream of.

* Israel has been forcibly removing Palestinians from their lands for more than 76 years to build illegal Jewish settlements in their place. Hamas has not been able to ethnically cleanse a single Israeli, nor build a single Palestinian settlement on Israeli land.

Israeli military forces arriving to demolish the Palestinian community of Khirbet Ein Karzaliyah on Jan. 8, 2014. Photo: B’Tselem / CC BY 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons.

* Some 750,000 Palestinians are reported to have been taken hostage and jailed by Israel since 1967 — an unwelcome rite of passage for Palestinian men and boys and one in which torture is routine and military trials ensure a near-100 percent conviction rate. Until Oct. 7, Hamas had only ever managed to take hostage a handful of the Israeli soldiers whose job is to oppress Palestinians.

* And, while Hamas is designated a terrorist organisation by Western states, those same Western states laud Israel, fund and arm it, and provide it with diplomatic cover, even as the World Court rules that a plausible case has been made it is committing a genocide in Gaza.

Yes, Netanyahu is right. There is no comparison at all.

Main photo: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, April 2021 © DoD / Jack Sanders.

Source: Consortium News.

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