Dementia Joe Circles Back to Racism

Anyone who’s ever dealt with an Alzheimer’s (or dementia) parent or grandparent knows the routine -- they only talk about five or six topics before they return to the first.

By the time they’ve reached topic #5, they’ve completely forgotten that, only 30 minutes prior, they spent 10 minutes telling you about story #1. Those in such condition, those losing their mental faculties, spend the most time on events that most impacted their life; then it’s on to story #2 for several minutes; followed by topic/story #3, 4 and 5 before they revert to topic #1.

In the last years of my WWII, Korean War veteran father’s life, he told us (topic #1) that he singlehandedly defeated the Japanese (He was a Marine Corps fighter pilot in the Pacific.) and singlehandedly kept the Chinese hordes from overrunning the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. Topic #2, he talked about scoring the winning touchdown (in 1938) against the cross-town rivals. Topic #3, he reminded me that I came from his penis. I tell this only to let you know that people with dementia are completely unfiltered. They either don’t know what’s inappropriate or don’t care. But they tell you exactly what they think, such as I came from my father’s penis. All his stories took place decades ago and had a grain of truth (He fought in WWII and Korea, and scored a TD) but they were all embellished and largely concocted in his mentally reduced mind. It’s the same with all who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

It’s obvious; Joe Biden has reached dementia stage where he only talks about five or six topics before reverting back to topic #1. For Joe, topics #3 through #5 are some kind of tale beginning with “No joke” or “I’m not kidding” and goes on to tell some wild story from decades ago: such as his Uncle Bosie was eaten by cannibals during WWII; or that he was arrested in South Africa trying to visit Nelson Mandela (1970s); or that he drove 18-wheelers (1960s); or his confrontation (early 1960s) with notorious gang-leader Corp Pop (a “bad dude”) before he circles back to Topic #1. Just like my father, Biden’s stories have a grain of truth -- Uncle Bosie died during WWII; Joe went to South Africa, etc. The majority of Joe’s story is made up, mostly pandering to those gullible enough to listen to him. 

Dementia Joe’s Topic #2 is white supremacy. For years, Biden has claimed white supremacy (WS) is the greatest terrorist threat facing America, and the group Patriot Front is the most hateful of the WS movement. I didn’t know that. Patriot Front must be some “bad dudes” with hundreds of murders and thousands of violent acts to their credit. So, I looked them up, or I should say, I looked at what the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had to say about them. (Note: the SPLC is radical leftist and despises Whites and Christians. They report on every white-on-black racial incident to prove their false claim that white supremacy exists. Problem for them is there are very few violent white-on-black racial incidents.) If anyone could find violent crimes committed by the Patriot Front and other WS groups, it would be the SPLC. Turns out, the Patriot Front is such a terrible WS organization that they’ve committed ZERO murders and ZERO acts of violence against blacks or against other minorities. The SPLC does claim that the Patriot Front uses racial slurs against minorities (so do most hip-hop videos), shares violent images (many people routinely share violent videos), denigrates illegals and gays (a legal act), have demonstrated against gay pride events (completely legal and protected by the 1st Amendment), and have defaced LGBTQ posters (boo-hoo, at least they don’t burn down cities and federal courthouses like Antifa and BLM do). In other words, in Joe’s addled mind, whites who protest are white supremacists and must be designated the #1 terrorist threat. 

If white supremacy is Joe’s Topic #2, what could possibly be #1? Drum roll, please… the topic that Biden always “circles back” to is racism. Biden starts with racism, goes to topic #2 (white supremacy) and #3, then back to racism. The man is obsessed with racism and returns to it over and over again. He’s been doing this for years. In 2011, Biden told a black audience that Republicans are “gonna put y’all back in chains.” In 2020, he told blacks, if you don’t know who to vote for “you ‘ain’t black.” As a candidate, Biden made skin color (not competence) the primary qualification for his vice president. As president, skin color (not competence) is Joe’s primary consideration for Supreme Court appointments. His focus on skin color must be belittling and condescending to all blacks, especially those who are qualified and competent.

Somebody please tell Joe that we’re not in the 1950s or 1960s anymore. For him, he’s remembering fonder times, days when Dems felt free to overtly display their hatred of blacks, but enough is enough. (Recall it was Dems who violently attacked protesting blacks in the ‘50s and ‘60s -- such as blasting them with water hoses (Bull Connor), beating them at the Edmund Pettis Bridge (Sheriff Jim Clark), denying them entrance to schools (Gov. Orval Faubus) and universities (Gov. George Wallace), and even electing a Grand Wizard of the KKK to the U.S. Senate (Senator Robert Byrd)). 

Last Saturday, Biden reverted to Topic #1. He delivered the commencement address at Morehouse College. He started and ended his speech with lies and “racism” as he told the graduates (and us) that blacks are still being treated today like they were in the 1950s and 60s. Joe talked about black men being killed in the streets, implying that such killings are happening today due to white-on-black racial violence or police-on-black killings. Joe’s implications are false. Yes, blacks are being killed in the streets. Simply look at Macon (in central Georgia), or at any city with a large black population, and we know that’s true. However, blacks are being killed by other blacks. Overall, there is very little interracial violence. When interracial violence occurs, black-on-white violence is much more prevalent then white-on-black. In 2019, 246 blacks were killed by whites (across the nation) but 566 whites were killed by blacks. One has to willfully ignore all relevant crime figures to conclude that white supremacy and white racism are the main cause of violence against blacks.

Moving on, the remainder of Biden’s speech was a 30-minute version of America hates blacks because of skin color and U.S. democracy is a “trail of broken promises.” What broken promises is Biden talking about? For decades, Dems have run every large American city and all of them are much less desirable places to live and raise a family; yet Biden wants to blame you and me for some nebulous promise. Adam B. Coleman best summarized Biden’s speech. “Imagine working hard for years to graduate from college and Joe Biden shows up to remind you that you’re a victim and America doesn’t love you because you’re black.”

Final Thought: No wonder Biden is so unpopular. His message to Morehouse grads was depressing, demoralizing, unpatriotic and that white America hates blacks. Then again, Joe does have dementia and circles back to racism.

Source: American Thinker.

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