Danish Government Mulls Giving Infants the Right to Change Gender: a Gateway to Paedophilia?

With the new revolutionary regulation, Denmark may get the most open LGBT policy in Europe

Should it be legal for children to have access to legal gender change from birth? According to the Danish government, the answer is a clear yes. In a new LGBT plan published recently, the Danish government proposes to remove all age barriers for gender reassignment. Theoretically, children as young as 0 years old could thus apply for a gender change on their passports and other official documents. However, it needs parental permission if younger than 15. Since the current age threshold is 18 years, the plan implies a radical change. This is reported by several Danish media. It was Jyllands-Posten that mentioned the case first. The proposal is expected to be considered and voted for in October, forming part of the Danish government's new LGBT+ plan.

According to Danish public broadcaster TV2, if introduced, the new Danish regulation may become one of the most revolutionary in Europe. If the regulation is adopted, Denmark will be the country with the most open LGBT policy in Europe

The Conservatives in the Danish parliament strongly oppose the proposal. According to the party's spokeswoman for equality, Birgitte Bergmann, children should be allowed to be children. "You are not old enough to change gender as long as you are not allowed for yourself to decide when you go to bed". She calls the proposal "completely insane", reports the Christian Norwegian daily Dagen.

Danish government mulls giving infants the right to change gender a gateway to paedophilia
Birgitte Bergmann. Photo: Philip Davali / Ritzau Scanpix.

Pia Kjærsgaard of the conservative Danish People's Party calls the proposal an assault against small children. She says so to the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten. "There are only two genders. Then there are some who, in one way or another, are not one or the other gender, and we must take care of them. But we must be careful not to make the entire population so remarkable that people already talk about legal gender change from birth".

On the other end of the political spectrum, the reactions are different. Pernille Skipper, a social rapporteur for the left-wing Enhedslisten, is happy that the bill might "finally" come; she says so to Danish TV2. "I think that setting the limit at zero years is to respect the right of the families and the children to decide for themselves about their own gender identity", Skipper says.

With the proposal, the government of Social Democrats and prime minister Mette Frederiksen defy a clear recommendation from the Danish Ethics Council. 

Two years ago, the social democratic government tried to introduce the same proposal. At the time, the junior parties in the Danish parliament partially supported the proposal, but not all were willing to go to the same lengths. Then, the Danish parliament decided to consult with the Ethics Council. The Council suggested lowering the age limit to 10-12 years instead of the current age limit of 18 years. "It must be considered doubtful whether children before puberty can see through the fundamental causes and consequences of a possible change of legal gender", the Council argued. "Taking such a position", the Council stated, "requires a certain measure of maturity and awareness. One must assume that no pre-school child can formulate a wish for a changed legal sex".

Based on the proposals from the Ethics Council, the Social Democrats withdrew their plan, pledging to reconsider some of its elements. However, the government has since had second thoughts and has again proposed removing the lower age limit.

For decades Denmark has been known worldwide for promoting sexual liberalism. In 1969 Denmark became the first nation in the world to legalise pornography. A few years later, in 1973, Denmark was one of the first countries to legalise abortion. And now, it is likely to become the first country in the world to introduce small children's right to change gender. 

Danish government mulls giving infants the right to change gender a gateway to paedophilia
Photo: Mary Evans / Diomedia.

The big question is whether it stops here – or the proposed legalisation of transgenderism for babies is a slippery slope to the normalisation of paedophilia? Just the mere thought of it may send shivers down one's spine, but transgenderism may be the gateway through which paedophilia will finally win social and legal acceptance.

If a baby or a small child as young as two years old can decide what his or her sex will be, and this is mandated by law or affirmed by society – and affirmed as a fundamental human right by the moralists on the Left – then it can easily be argued that the child also should have the right to decide on its own if it wants to have sex, eventually with an adult. If a child has the right to choose sex, the right to choose to have sex with an adult will be a natural consequence. At least, it will be hard to find any good ethical argument against it. For the moment, the Left's objection to paedophilia is that children are not mature enough to make such decisions about their sexuality. Still, that argument will eventually fall dead flat when infants become legally entitled to choose their sex.

Is this really where Western culture is headed? And what can be done to stop the insanity and blatant assault on innocent small children? 

It may not only be political measures that need to be taken, but a Christian re-awakening would also be a critical factor in protecting children against sexualisation from birth. 

As Benjamin D. Wikers writes in National Catholic Register:

Paedophilia was widely accepted in ancient pagan Greece and Rome. The only reason it's still illegal today is that Christians evangelised the decadent Roman Empire and made it clear to converts that sex with children belonged to the "way of death," not the "way of life." These are the words of the Didache, the first-century catechetical manual for converts to Christianity from paganism, which commands, "you shall not corrupt boys." 

Paedophilia wasn't the only pagan practice Christianity rejected. The Romans also accepted contraception, abortion, infanticide, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, sex before and outside marriage, sexual concubines, sex with one's own slaves (any gender, any age, including children), pornography and bestiality.

That list should give readers a cold shudder. As our own culture has become increasingly de-Christianised, almost every one of these practices has reappeared and been reaffirmed socially and legally. Since de-Christianisation seems to be continuing, we have every reason to believe that the rest will soon receive social and legal sanctions (unless Christians can re-evangelise what has been de-evangelised).

What has considered a modern liberal lifestyle in today's world is nothing more than a return to paganism and a culture devoid of Christianity

Without a re-Christianisation of Western culture and re-practising of Christian morality and values, it is going to get hard for conservative politicians, if not impossible, to be a bulwark that is strong enough against the tsunami of woke-ism that is building up and against the push for legalising of transgenderism for kids that could eventually lead to an approval of paedophilia. 

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