2024 is Evolving into a Trump vs. Not-Trump Election

Never in the two and a half centuries of American history has one person concurrently dominated and overshadowed both major political parties as does Donald J. Trump

Trump’s dominance in the Republican Party is an outgrowth of his imperturbable and flamboyant personality, his unprecedented 2016 campaign and his overwhelmingly successful presidency which was derailed in its final months by the Covid-19 pandemic.   

His stature in the party is such that virtually every Republican candidate for federal office seeks his approbation and endorsement.  Despite losing in 2020, his hold on a sizable segment of the Republican base is unparalleled in the annals of the Republican party.  Not since Franklin Roosevelt has someone so dominated a major American political party.  As it stands today, per all the national polls, Trump can easily win the Republican nomination for president.

Among 30% of Republican primary voters Trump has achieved cultlike status, as these voters claim they would vote for him if he ran as an independent even if that meant Joe Biden would be re-elected and the Democrats would regain control of both Houses of Congress.

Since 2016, the raison d’etre of the Democrat party and its hierarchy has been the unrestrained obsession to permanently defeat and dispatch Donald Trump.   A fixation so all-consuming that the party leadership purposefully exploited the Covid-19 pandemic, thereby causing countless avoidable fatalities and senseless economic destruction.  Further, they willingly entered into a de facto alliance with the American Marxists to defeat Trump. They are a vile faction whose stated goal is to transform the nation and overthrow this same Democrat Party hierarchy.   

In 2024, the entirety of the Democrat Party’s electoral strategy revolves around Trump regardless of whom the Democrats nominate.  Which is why a failed, senescent, stumbling and grossly incompetent reprobate, Joe Biden, is presently being touted as their nominee.

The Democrats have long been planning on Trump being the Republican nominee primarily because their own candidate, Joe Biden, is incapable of campaigning, let alone defeating anyone else.  Even with a candidate beset with daily revelations of malfeasance and incompetence, they are, for the moment, confident Biden will again defeat Trump.

A piece in Politico on May 11, 2023 sums up their obsession with Trump and their belief that Biden will win in 2024. “The Biden-Harris reelection campaign is building on the work of a historically strong DNC and state party operation, unified after the best midterm performance of a sitting president since FDR, and on the offense against a deeply unpopular MAGA agenda” said Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz. Those closest to Biden like their chances in a 2020 rematch with Trump.  They believe Trump is no longer viewed as an outsider change agent, but as a disruptive force, one a large swath of the country considers embarrassing.  That his infamous “Access Hollywood” tape and mocking a woman he was found liable to have sexually abused, only reinforced those beliefs. “Fear is a good motivator and Trump rightfully scares the majority of Americans,” said Bradley Beychok, president and co-founder for the Biden-supportive Super PAC American 21st Century.  “When Americans are reminded of the danger Trump poses to our democracy, that fear translates into more enthusiasm for Biden and the Democrats—including a deluge of donations.”

Many on the Right are rightfully baffled why the legacy media and so-called moderate Democrats are purposefully ignoring the ongoing revelations of Joe Biden’s egregious duplicity and graft.  This cabal is so obsessed with Trump that regardless of what the House Republicans expose, they will claim that there is no clear-cut evidence sufficiently compelling enough to either report on or prompt further investigations of Biden.

At present the Democrat establishment shakily believes that Biden is still the best choice to run against Trump, but doubt is beginning to creep in as more examples of Biden’s duplicity and incompetence that they may not be able to sweep under the rug are exposed.  

Nor can they long ignore recent polls in which seventy percent of Americans do not want Biden to run for president. Further, their campaign strategy is predicated on the belief that the public’s distaste for Trump is viral.  That’s a contention they will attempt to reinforce by exploiting their ongoing and unconscionable lawfare directed at Trump.

Instead of relying on Biden, the party hierarchy will, in due course, claim that virtually any well-known Democrat can win.  Trump is the focus of the Democrat party, so “Not-Trump” essentially will be their nominee.  They will point to polls that show sixty-one percent of Americans do not want Trump to be elected president.  Further, that Trump’s current approval rating of 39% matches his polling number in January 2021, which was the lowest first term ending approval rating in history.

Joe Biden will not be the presumptive Democrat nominee as he can no longer fulfill the role of being the reputable, affable, and moderate face of the party and, therefore, could lose to Trump despite the party’s best efforts.

Without Biden in the race, 2024 is shaping up to be a Trump vs. Not-Trump election with minimal discussion of the economic, cultural, immigration, and international failures of the Democrats as well as the dire future facing this nation.  The alliance of the Democrats, the legacy media, and the bulk of social media will wage a massive campaign solely focused on Trump instead of touting whomever the Democrats nominate.  

Trump is presently the Colossus that sits astride the Republican Party, if he wins the nomination the fate of the country in 2024 will be in his hands as he will essentially be the only person on the ballot.

Source: American Thinker.

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