Iran reopens embassy in Saudi Arabia after 7-year closure

Iran reopened on Tuesday its embassy in Saudi Arabia after seven years of closure, nearly three months after the two countries agreed to restore bilateral ties under a Chinese-brokered deal

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Alireza Bigdeli addressed the opening ceremony in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, highlighting the importance of the occasion for the relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Bigdeli said that, with the re-hoisting of the flag of Iran in Saudi Arabia and vice versa, the cooperation between the two countries enters a new era.

He added that diplomacy is the best means for communication and dialogue between countries to reach a common understanding, stability, and peace.

The Iranian official stressed that Iran is always willing to strengthen relations with its neighbors based on the principles of good neighborliness.

Bigdeli also noted that promoting economic relations and mutual investments would lead countries to get closer to each other to achieve peace and stability in the region.

In March, Saudi Arabia and Iran reached in Beijing, China a groundbreaking agreement to resume diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies and missions.

According to the trilateral statement jointly issued by China, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the latter two agreed to resolve their disagreements through dialogue and diplomacy, and in light of their brotherly ties, adhering to the principles and objectives of the Charters of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and international conventions and norms.

Source: The Global Times.

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