Will Germany survive as a nation state?

Germany is currently the target of the largest onslaught of migrants

In its December 2022 issue, the monthly magazine Zuerst! published an article titled "New asylum Chaos" ("Das neue Asyl-Chaos") saying that Germany is currently the target of "the largest onslaught of migrants since Angela Merkel's coup in 2015".

In addition to the more than a million Ukrainians who were able to cross the German border from the end of February to the end of October 2022 without a visa or going through the asylum procedure, the influx of "refugees" from Africa, the Middle East, and the Balkans has also risen significantly again.

"Anyone who accuses the federal government of flying blindly in matters of immigration policy is mistaken. It knows exactly what it is doing and follows a clear ideological compass", the authors of the article claim. "Germany must be irrevocably transformed into a post-national multi-ethnic state that is home to the whole world but no longer to Germans. The goal is the ethnocultural self-destruction of Germany, which should continue to exist only as a geographical designation. There is no other way to explain why those in power are lowering all migration barriers."

The prerequisite for this – not accidental but planned – development is the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM). This is the euphemistic name of the agreement adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on July 11, 2018, to dismantle borders around the world and facilitate the arbitrary admission of residents, primarily from the most backward states of the world, to any country in the world.

The Pact stipulates that anyone can immigrate to any country without any restrictions, that expulsion and deportation, in general, will become illegal, and that states populated by white people will completely renounce their border sovereignty and hand it over to the UN.

This trend of events emerged a long time ago. It was purposefully fomented under the "conservative" Chancellor Angela Merkel and has been promoted even more actively by the "red-green" government under Olaf Scholz. Rare is the case when persons who have been refused asylum get deported. The rule works like this: everyone is allowed to come, everyone is allowed to stay, no one is required to work, and everyone has the right to social security for an unlimited period of time.

Even such a number of arrests for theft or drug trafficking does not present a sufficient reason for repatriation since "refugees" may face political persecution in their home countries. Although the responsible persons not only use "humanitarian" reasons to justify this policy but also resort to such ridiculous lies as the "shortage of skilled workers", which is supposed to be eliminated with the help of "refugees", it is clear to any reasonable person that this policy is ideologically motivated, which does not promise anything good to the German people.

Wird Deutschland als Nationalstaat Überleben?

As The Columnist noted in two previous articles, today's German elite (this word is used in a non-judgmental sense) pursues an anti-national policy, and hatred of its own people is rooted deep in this policy. In Germany, where people have been poisoned by a complex of guilt since childhood, Umvolkung supporters pay tribute to a way of thinking that Dresden political scientist Werner Patzelt aptly characterised as follows:

"The German themselves [according to the migrant lobby] is prone to fascism. If we destroy German culture, open it to the whole world, make it liberal and dilute German in Germany by adopting other cultures, then we will make this country resistant to Nazism".

Especially radical representatives of the German elite openly declare that the German people can redeem their "historical debt to the world community" only through their death.

Professor of Social Democratic law Ute Sacksofsky, for example, writes: "Let's assume that we can no longer talk about the transfer of the German heritage after the National Socialist tyranny. And what would be so bad if the Germans died out? The territory on which Germany is currently located can be returned to nature or (more likely) populated by other people".

An obvious parallel to the suicidal policy of the German elites is what is happening in the United States, where the entire Democratic Party, a significant part of the Republican Party, as well as the mainstream media are waging a non-stop psychological war against white Americans who bear irretrievable guilt for slavery and therefore should be absorbed into a "multicultural" society. The initial signal for the decline of white America was the new immigration law signed by President Johnson in October 1965 which led to a decrease in the proportion of the white population in the United States from 87% in 1970 to 61% in 2020.

But even in states like Sweden, which have no Nazi past, have never practised slavery and have not owned colonies, "multiculture" is promoted around the clock, leading to well-known consequences. The fact that the elites of these countries are waging a real war against their own peoples cannot be explained by their "stupidity", of course, because there cannot be so much stupidity as there can be no question of "coincidence". The fact that things developed in parallel in almost all states of the Western world forbids the assumption of this.

Numerous authors have collected a huge amount of evidence that Western elites' true goal is to destroy their peoples' national identity to make them unable to resist the planned permanent enslavement. In a consistently "multicultural", i.e. ethnically mixed, society, people will not rise up to defend their homeland against their oppressors because they will no longer have a homeland. Babylon will be everywhere. People will not seek to get back to their roots because what kind of roots can a person have if one of his two grandfathers is European and the other is African, and one of his two grandmothers is Indian, and the other is Chinese?

Professor of political science at Harvard University, Yascha Mounk, was born in Germany in 1982 in the family of a Polish Jew who "lost most of her family in the Holocaust" and then emigrated to Germany in 1969 "because of anti-Semitism in Poland," said in an interview with Der Spiegel (40/2015):

"An experiment is being conducted in Western Europe, which is unique in the history of migration. Countries that defined themselves as mono-ethnic, monocultural and monoreligious states need to change their identity. We don't know if it will work out. We only know that it must work out."

A few years later, an instruction was given to all the intractable and stubborn: "For a multinational society to work, we must also clearly show that the state is able to properly punish people who violate it out of hatred", Mounk said at the Presseclub show on WDR on July 8, 2018.

But Mounk never explained to the Der Spiegel readers why historically mono-ethnic and monocultural countries should change their identity and why this process should work. The reporter, who otherwise would make an investigation and is usually bold in dealing with conservative or right-wing interview partners, did not even ask him about it.

Wird Deutschland als Nationalstaat Überleben?

A nation can survive almost anything: bad government, economic disasters, famine, and epidemics. It can also recover from bloody wars unless they end up turning its territory into a nuclear lunar landscape. But what a nation cannot survive is the replacement of its population, its replacement by people of foreign nationalities and cultures through continuous mass immigration.

Should the current developments continue, Germany will also reach the point of no return in the foreseeable future. The German elite seems to be working feverishly to achieve this. They know that a real national opposition party cannot come to power through elections because the system's control over the media and the judicial system is too total. Too deep is the fear of an ordinary German that because of one wrong word, he or she will be labelled using well-known terms and, as a result, find themselves being a disempowered pariah.

According to human judgments, only a complete economic collapse can lead to the German people rising up against its planned cancellation. Such an uprising will very likely arise in the eastern lands, where the cult of guilt has not deformed the souls of Germans to the extent it did in the West, where the will to self-preservation is correspondingly stronger and where the proportion of foreigners is much lower.

Read about the principles that would shape the domestic and foreign policy of the future sovereign Germany, whether within its current borders or not, in the next article of The Columnist.


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