Who Will Inherit the Trump/Biden Cause?

Who Will Inherit the Trump/Biden Cause? Upcoming political upheavals are reflective of US global strategy

In May, White House press secretary Jen Psaki will step down from her position. Ms Psaki is reported to have plans to join MSNBC as a pundit. The news of the upcoming departure of the administration’s top official spokesperson comes in the wake of a series of high-profile scandals covered by the US media.

In late March, the US president remarked that Russian President Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power" during his visit to Poland visit. This "unacceptable and dangerous" remark was quickly condemned back in the United States, where once again, serious doubts were raised about Biden's competency. The administration was forced to go on the defensive, with State Secretary Anthony Blinken explaining that the US leader’s words were misunderstood and that he had meant to say "something entirely different".

Concurrently, the controversy surrounding the documents discovered on the laptop belonging to the president's son, Hunter Biden, flared up again. By and large, the US media have confirmed the assertion put forward by Russia’s Defense Ministry claiming that Biden Jr. was involved in operating and funding Pentagon-affiliated biological laboratories in Ukraine where biological weapons research may have been conducted.

It would not be unreasonable to hypothesize that the attack on Biden’s competency was driven by the desire to get him replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris, a representative of a more radical wing of the Democratic Party. However, as indirect evidence suggests, the US elites do not even consider a scenario like that.

Over recent months, Kamala Harris' office members have been running away from her. Sabrina Singh, White House deputy press secretary, left her in March (to move to the Pentagon), preceded in February by Kate Childs Graham, Harris’s former director of speechwriting. Their departure follows that of communications director Ashley Etienne and senior adviser and chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, who left in October and in December of 2021, respectively. The list is far from exhaustive. When a promising future leader is being steered to the very top, their team won’t be likely to be running away as if from a sinking ship.

Recent polls have also indicated that former President Donald Trump could have defeated both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if the presidential election took place at the end of March. Trump would have received the support of 47 per cent of voters, compared to Biden's meagre 41 per cent. Harris is lagging even further behind with just 38% against Trump’s 49%. It is also notable that the former president's overall tone of media coverage has changed: they are nowhere near their past levels of hatred and wrath. Trump seems to be back among the ranks of respectable politicians.

Given all this, it would not be too far-fetched to imagine that a course may have been set instead on some coup prompting an early departure of "incompetent Joe" and the entire Democratic Party administration as a whole. It is hardly necessary to go into the specifics of such a potential power change.

There should be no doubt that the current unprecedented global upheavals spurred action. The elites will ultimately be able to home on a solution they will find acceptable.

Biden himself seems to be willingly playing along with this scenario.

Donald Trump, an outlier and a political outsider in the eyes of America's traditional political elites, had embarked on the course of "rebuilding" America: by returning US factories to the US soil, strengthening the country’s energy and manufacturing sectors, and by forging a self-centred "nationalistic" America. However, because of his personality, Trump either failed to see it all through or was unwilling to go down the path of provoking further military confrontation, destabilization, and global war and ultimately ended up being removed from power as a result of a fierce and not always fair political fight.

A more savvy Biden has succeeded in accomplishing Trump’s goals without destroying Trump's political and economic legacy. A major European war seems to be a very distinct possibility. The Middle East, too, is on the verge of war. Europe’s capitals are fleeing to the United States. China is in the process of making preparations to annex Taiwan. The United States, Britain, and Australia have set up AUCUS. This alliance has all the prerequisites for supporting its successful development, including land, plentiful resources, and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Now that these conflicts have been set afire, Biden is no longer needed. His successor, an isolationist Trump-like politician, will be able to quietly withdraw from the dangerous regions of Europe and the Middle East that are already ablaze without risking losing face in the process, withdraw US troops, and let the Russians, Europeans, Jews, Arabs, and Persians sort out their differences on their own.

America's new leader will instead be able to focus on addressing America's pressing domestic socio-economic challenges, on building up AUCUS...and in general, on "making America great again".